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Toll calculator:
If you have an account, go here to pay your toll.

If you don't have an account, you will receive a violation notice in the mail requesting payment. The E-ZPass electronic toll collection is an automated system and cannot be interrupted. Cameras in the toll lanes automatically take pictures of vehicles that pass through an E-ZPass lane without an E-ZPass. The vehicle's license plate is run through the database of existing E-ZPass customers. If there is a match, the correct toll will be deducted from the customer's E-ZPass account. If there is no match, the registered owner of the vehicle is mailed a violation notice requesting payment of the missed toll.

Go here to pay or appeal a violation:

A payment for Toll Violation and Toll Violation Final Notices can be made over the phone, through the mail. Go here to pay or appeal a violation:

To pay using this website, the payment must meet the following criteria:
- You must be paying the notice in full.
- It must be a Toll Violation Notice or a Toll Violation Final Notice.
- You must be paying with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
- If you wish to pay multiple violation notices, enter the first violation number, pay it and repeat the process for each violation.

Delaware E-ZPass Customers with accounts in good standing can appeal their violation notices by accessing the Appeal Page of this website, over the phone, in person, by fax or mail. If you are not a Delaware E-ZPass customer, please follow the written instructions on the violation notice. You can appeal by completing the appeal form on the back of your violation notice and mailing it to PO Box 697, Dover, DE 19903-0697 You will receive a letter in the mail indicating that your appeal has been accepted or rejected. If your appeal is rejected, the letter will explain why.

If you go through an E-ZPass toll but do not have an E-ZPass device and active account, you will owe the cash rate for that toll.

– If you have an E-ZPass device and active account but the device was not properly mounted (or not in the car), you will owe the E-ZPass rate for that toll.

– If you have an E-ZPass device and active account but the device malfunctioned you will owe the E-ZPass rate

– You have seven days to pay.

– You can calculate what you owe by using the trip calculator and you can see what the State of Delaware says you owe here

– It typically takes less than 24 hours for you to appear in the system after going through a toll without paying.

– You can call 302- 395-6733. for more info.

– If you pay the wrong amount and it is to little, you still owe the difference. If it’s too much you will need to claim the coverage amount.

– The same rules apply to all states.

– You can also check out our post on EZ Pass DE rideshare rules.